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George Mann's Digital Photo Workflow for Nikon Photographers - eBook Project
New eBook project on High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI) using Adobe and Photomatix software

Sample Lightroom eBook page:

Working with two monitors to speed up the Adobe Lightroom 2 workflow.

Sometimes the solution is so simple that it takes forever to find it. If you have been reading my recent posts you know that I have been looking for a way to illustrate the second monitor in this blog. I have been using a number of different screen grabbing utilities for so many years now and none of them will let me grab the second monitor.

It of course never occurred to me that there could a really simple solution, the built in Apple OS X solution of simply using the keyboard command - Command/Shift/3. Could it be any simpler? The only problem with this solution is that it creates a full resolution PNG file (which Lightroom can not read), but the problem was easily solved by using Photoshop CS3 to reduce the size and save the image as a JPEG file.


Image 1a - the main screen in the Library Module - I have set the viewing area to the Thumbnail Grid mode so I can easily sort the images.


Image 1b - the second screen in the Library Module - I have set the second screen in the Loupe mode so I can see a detailed view of the image I have selected on the main screen.


Image 2a - the main screen in the Develop Module - As you can see I have selected my crop marks but not finalized the crop setting yet.


Image 2b - the second screen in the Develop Module - On the second monitor monitor I can see the crop selection enlarged to the size of the second monitor, before I have made the final crop decision on the main screen.

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