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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 - ebook project

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom - the Five Rules revisited

When I first got involved in using computers (and more specifically computer software)
in the publishing and advertising industry, way back in the mid 1980s, I was laughed at for using those funny looking Macintosh computers and software like Aldus (later to become Adobe) Pagemaker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Macromind Director to create artwork for publications and advertising campaigns.

The general consensus was that in order to produce serious professional work you had to use serious, complicated and difficult to understand computers and software. Typesetters and computer graphics operators were up to that point highly trained technical professionals. Creative and Art Directors where of course constantly pulling their hair out in those days because the technical operators never understood what the creative types were talking about.

Well we proved them wrong and we even did it better, the new generation of computers and software allowed people with artistic talent (and no technical training) to learn the basic skills required quickly and within days be working on their computers creating the final artwork for everything from brochures and restaurant menus to full blown multimedia productions.

Adobe Lightroom was created on the same principal. Photographers are artists, they need a set of photographic image handling tools that allow them to be technically correct and creative without having to go back to school to learn how to use them. So here are the five rules that can get you started on Adobe Lightroom right now, and as the last rule so eloquently says, Enjoy.

The Old Five Rules dialog window (Lightroom Beta)

beta Lightroom - 5 rules - click for larger image


The New Five Rules

The new Five Rules are very slick compared to the old Five Rules but they say basically the same thing.

I won't show all the Five Rules as large as the Module Picker rule below, but please note that the Module Picker is highlighted while the Module Picker rule is active. Same goes for the Panels and the Filmstrip, they are highlighted when their rule is selected..

1. Module Picker

5 rules - lightroom

2. Panels

Lightroom - five rules

3. Filmstrip

Lightroom - Five Rules - Filmstrip

4. Key Commands

Lightroom - 5 rules - key commands

5. Finally

Lightroom - five rules - enjoy

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